How I Want to Live My Life

I often think of alternative scenarios to what my life could look like now. Below are my unadulterated "stream-of-conciousness" thoughts:


There's this Utopian scenario in which I am packing every minute of every day outside, starting my mornings off with a run or bike ride and ending them with a hike or trail run. I would fit in dance sessions as well, to balance out my inner desire to be a sick hiphop dancer. My day would start off with the view of the sun rising so I squeeze as much daylight into my life as possible, and it would end as the moon ascents, so I at least get a glimpse of the sun's less exuberant, yet hypnotizing successor. I would have time to make all the green smoothies I want, and take on my work (yes, I would still have some sort of job) after I've had some time to regroup and feel the rush of my morning workout power me through my day. And most importantly of all, I would live with my travel partner and near my best friends and family and maybe even a furry creature :).


As I am typing this, I realize I have 60% of this life already. While I don't get to live it every day, I get to live it more than I don't. I've become more greedy over the years, but not in the typical sense.


I am greedy for time.


More time with my travel partner, best friends, outside, dancing. I want more of it because what I have does not feel like enough. I get tastes of these sweet moments, and I get addicted. There are sacrifices I'd have to give up to get that life--perhaps a sacrifice in the monetary sense, perhaps not. I've figured out that you don't have all the things you want at the same time, life has its way of portion controlling the sweetest moments. Maybe that's what makes them so desirable--these moments and experiences are in limited quantity and sometimes require a shit ton of hard work to achieve. Perhaps I would not long for my simple wish list to be gifted to me all at once if I was able to achieve it so easily. 


But nevertheless, I still pine for all of what makes me happy squeezed into every minute of every day. It's wishful thinking, but its one step closer to making my wish come true.