Life's Soundtrack

My drive to work, no matter how long or short it takes, has a soundtrack. This soundtrack evolves as I do, and serves as a marker of what huge life event I was going through at the time. 

I thought about how much power a song can hold, depending on your emotional attachment to it. At the time, you never realize how much a song can define the phase of life you're in. But once you listen to it months or years later, you get slammed with a movie reel of memories from that time.

I drove to work one morning, chasing the sun rise along the bay, and an old song popped up. It was a time when my music taste was more elastic, when I listened to certain songs to "impress" people. During that phase, I quickly added hoards of songs that I suddenly had an affliction for and played them on repeat on late night drives. It tends to be a section of my Spotify playlist that I tend to scroll past now, as it gains its virtual cobwebs since I've (thankfully) moved on. However, the inevitable memory reel played on a wide-screen, and I was transported in an emotional time-machine. While they were not the best memories, it was almost enlightening to see how much has changed since then. I teared up, and a sudden burst of....I guess pride shot through me. 

It made me think about how the songs I listen to now, on that same route I take every day, can mean something to me months from now. The life that you experience every day can have a different tune once you go back and replay it.