The Truth about Making Career Changes

I'm pretty real on this platform, if you have not noticed yet. I'd like to think in normal life, I'm moderately direct and real as well.

I recently made a career change. It was very difficult to commit to because I had so much stability going for me. But they say change is good right?

Right. Well, wrong. Well, right and's the truth about making huge life changes.

1. Change will terrify you

That's actually why I took so long to leave my last job and the small town I was living in. I was scared to have to start fresh and build a new life from the ground up. I had an amazing friend group, great working relationships and the freedom to travel a lot. Giving that up took a lot of solo pep talks.

These changes make you stronger for those spontaneous life events that get thrown at you. 

2. You will feel the pressure of creating that new life quickly

So now you've packed your bags, moved out to a new city, met your new coworkers....and then what? The rush of the moving and packing and onboarding has worn off, and it's time to settle in to a routine of meeting your crew for Wednesday morning yoga, Thursday night drinks, Friday evening hikes and Saturday morning brunch, all while killing it at your job. Yeah...that hasn't happened yet for me. Even in my old job, I didn't really find a crew or routine until 1.5 years into the move. I remember struggling with performing well at work and standing out during the first year.

Remind yourself to be patient and breathe. 

3. You will feel nostalgic 

I couldn't help my mind get swept away and get stuck in a whirlpool of memories from a year ago. I had the best year of my life last year. I pushed myself professionally, emotionally, and physically and managed to achieve goals I never thought were possible. It's hard not to compare what you had with what you have now. We always tend to compare, externally and internally.

However, today's nostalgia will soon turn into tomorrow's memory. 


I know I did the right thing at the end of the day, and I know I will agree with that statement years from now. But I don't want to glorify these life and career changes as if they don't come with their share of baggage. LinkedIn and Instagram do a great job at painting golden hues on life events; there simply aren't enough characters in a status line or pictures to convey those minute issues. 

Now that I've gone through the issues you should anticipate with change, I must say the positive outweighs the negative. Fear of change leads to boredom, and boredom leads to feeling stuck.

The lack of stability is worth experiencing for the excitement that quickly follow a change.