What Are You Dreaming?

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Having a dream is one of the most precious liberties some of us have been granted. A lot of us have been raised thinking that chasing after your dream is your right since birth. Even then, it is appalling that I meet so many people who groan about their current situation, claiming that they are stuck.

One particular co-worker I interact with is very consistent with interjecting some complaint about his stagnant career. I used to laugh it off, thinking he was joking (as I usually am prone to), but the more he complained, the more affected I became. And he's not the only one. Several of my friends voice that same fear, as if we do not have the freedom to make our own decisions and determine our next steps. I, too, have found myself lamenting to my parents of my fear of stagnation that my coworker instilled in me.

Before we allow ourselves to surrender our drive to be caged up by discouragement, just remember that you have the power of making a decision. I think that statement needs to sink in more.

In our minds, we exaggerate every parameter in life--especially time. Our lives are moving fast, yes. But we don't realize how much more is left for us. Stop wasting time thinking that you are wasting time. There are decisions to be made, and there are dreams to be realized.